Reflexology Massage Digital Foot Pulse Machine Comfortable Acupressure Foot Massage

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It has the these features:

A. Functions:

1. Low-frequency pulse function. 2. Far infrared heating. 3. Plasma clean air function.

4. Pormote blood circultation and relieve fatigue.

B. Advantages:

1. Three functions are separating.
2. 25 kinds of pulse mode can run auto or be choice as enjoy.
3. The pulse strength for body and foot within 1-99 choice.
4. The time of pulse from 5~90minutes for deciding.
5. Plasma clean air.

6. Remote control

7. It’s suitable for foot and body healthcare.
8. Raising the temperature of soles.
9. Improving the blood circulation.
10. It could get VAS and points of body through, activate nerve cells, adjust the function of organs.
11. Remitting the joint pain and muscle fatigue. 6. Boost immunity of body.
12. Slimming body.

Plasma will change the structure of germ or transform energy in your around, which will have the function to sterilizes, clear up smoke and dust, dispel peculiar smell and improve the air quality efficiently, so that to keep your health in good state.

2.This apparatus has Infrared functions, which make use of irradiation on your body related points, so as to reach expedite venation, promote blood circulation, and support justice & dispel evil.

3.Based on the design of man-machine engineering science, the appearance is very light, modern and beauty.

4.This apparatus has 25 kinds of massage modes; each massage mode can analyze and eliminate body fat and toxin with pertinence.

5.The intensity for electromagnetic wave has 99 kinds, which will arrive at your required ideal result in proper sequence.

6.With humanism microcomputer automatic control, all the functions will be clear at a glance.

7.This apparatus focus on physical therapy, magnetism therapy and massage, which will relieve effectively fatigue and ache caused by strain spirit.

8.Improve immunity and self-healing ability.

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