Dolphin Infrared Massage Hammer

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✔DEEP TISSUE RELIEF: Delivers a TRUE STRONG Percussion action trigger point massage to sooth muscle soreness, pain & tightness
✔CUSTOMIZABLE: Variable massage intensity + 3 head attachments to emulate shiatsu, acupoint & scalp massage
✔LONG REACH: Extended power cord enables further reach & flexibility in usage.
✔NON-BATTERY: Robust design that avoids battery failure & short battery life
✔WARRANTY: 1 Year Guarantee. Simply contact us & we will respond within 24 hours. *Designed for use with 120V electrical output. If you intend to use this outside North America, an electrical transfomer/adapter might be required

Product Description
Experience Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage At Home With The TheraFlow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager!

A good therapeutic deep tissue massage from an experienced masseur can take the knots out of tight muscles, relieve stress, pain, boost blood circulation as well as your overall health. At TheraFlow, we aim to recreate this experience with a device you can use in the comfort of your home & bring about wherever you go. Introducing the TheraFlow Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager – your round-the-clock deep tissue relief.

This massager delivers a powerful & therapeutic massage that penetrates deeply into sore muscles & knots in your body, providing relief for body aches & melts alway your stresses & tension. This powerful yet lightweight electric massager comes with 3 different attachment heads that allows you to customize your massage experience according to your preferences. Easily tune the massage intensity to your liking with the variable massage intensity dial.

The TheraFlow Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager allows anyone, men & women alike, to enjoy the benefits of an invigorating massage anytime, anywhere.

Fine Tune Your Massage Experience

Each massager comes with 3 massage attachments. Each attachment is made of a flexible silicon material that is neither too hard nor too soft. Each one is designed to deliver a different massage experience. For example, the dual point attachment is designed to mimic the fingers of a masseuse performing kneading massage, while the shiatsu attachment recreates the effect of deeper pressure point massage using the knuckles or the elbow.

​Together with the adjustable massager speed, you will definitely get the customized massage experience you are looking for!

True Percussion Action & Powerful Deep Tissue Massage

The Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is designed to be suitable for both DIY self massage or use with a partner. With a length of 14.8″ & an ergonomically designed handle & weight distribution, you can reach almost any part of your body with ease.

Experience True Deep Tissue Therapeutic Relief With TheraFlow Today!

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