Portable liposonix slimming machine body shape weight loss

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Vacuum function by vacuum suction to lift up skin together with subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue.By doing deep massage. sucking, pinching, pushing, pulling, rolling on body using the roller, it makes skin and adipose tissue to do aerobic exercise and redouble enhance blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification function.And the back and forth deep massage can speed up fat burning, and transfer fat into fatty acids and then discharge out through lymphatic system .It can decompose subcutaneous fat, consume accumulative fat, to prevent and reduce the formation of cellular organization effectively, thus to achieve effect haping and slimming.At the same time, it strengthens capacity of skin collagen and elastic fiber regeneration, make skin healthier, more luster and flexible.

LiposonIx, non-invasive affects subcutaneous fat cells, using non-invasive focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, a high-intensity sound waves through the mechanism is converted to heat energy transfer can be in the subcutaneous fat cells, and the heat can create double tissue reaction.

I. Through subcutaneous fat cells (SAT) thermal cell interference, to enhance the permeability of subcutaneous adipose tissue.
II. Subcutaneous layer stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation, make skin more compact site of action.

As electrical excitation signal, generated by the program control high-frequency oscillation is converted into a focused ultrasonic, by positioning and moving the role of the operating head on target, target likes a centre,outward radiation energy, can be reach tightening and beauty effect.

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