NLS 4025 Hunter

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Medicomat Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD’S BEST HEALTHCARE APPARATUS
EVERYONE Can be Healthy with Medicomat Diagnostic Therapy Computer System
Make a useful laptop – add Medicomat Quantum Technology to check and repair your health.
Step-by-step video training with instruction manual and online support provides your successful start.
NOTE: this machine comes without computer. IMPORTANT: turn off windows defender and antivirus before connecting to the computer and installing software. Operation System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Port USB 1.1/2.0 . Language available: English, Spanish, German… Read more at and view product video at . Free Shipping Worldwide: delivery of this item is carried out from Hong Kong by express courier services.

Product description
Latest professional Medicomat 4025 Hunter bio-resonance system for express overall body testing, analysis and treatment with NLS quantum technology. This is the most precise, informative and safe method to scan and detect the functional status of the Human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions up to the eight levels, then provides treatment. The diagnostic test studies showed that the new Medicomat 4025 Hunter version is really a huge step forward in the development of the NLS systems. This results were realized throughout the completely new 3-D spiral-scanning-method. Medicomat Hunter automatically detect root cause of health problems, which makes it easy to use. Metapathia GR Hunter is a new, revolutionary step in software creation: 1432 organs and tissues, 4012 preparations and processes, extended database of etalons, high-speed testing, more intuitive and interactive. Medicomat shows in which development stage the disorder is in and if the process is acute or chronic. Furthermore with a new added function it is possible to determine how the disorder will develop in the future. The therapy is carried out on eight levels: the first on the molecule, up to the entire organ, making it the very effective and successful. The user can observe the effectiveness directly on the screen. A comparative analysis shows the changes that take place before and after treatment. Medicomat multifunctionality: bioresonance NLS meta therapy, therapy on bacteriia and viruus, phytotherapy, lithotherapy, acupuncture therapy, remedy preparation, nutrition suggestions and supplement testing. No medicaal experience required to use Medicomat devices. Why not use Medicomat to ensure that you are in the best condition physically and emotionally.

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