3D NLS Health Analyzer

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  • The system can easily assess a patient’s physical conditions, disease trends, as well as forecast health direction over the next 3-5 years
  • The 3D NLS analyzer can analyze food and healthcare products and determine whether they are going to be good or harmful to the client’s body. This is useful in determining substances that could be causing the allergic symptom in the patient.


  • Connect the items cup link to the 3D-NLS.
    Place drugs or health food into item cups (Note: unless you are a medical doctor, you are not allowed to recommend taking a patient off their medication without the consent of their doctor).
  • Click the organs that you wish to assess
  • Place the headset onto the patient
  • Click vegetotest in the Diacom software, enter the name of the drug or health food, and then start the test to assess out the drug or health food impact testing.
  • After completing the test, the results will show in the organ diagnosis list.
  • Press analysis is key to carrying out the drug or health food analysis comparison.

On the analysis of the comparison window, select the organs that have been detected and click auto search.


The 3D NLS health analyzer uses headphones to transmit sonar light waves through the eardrum into the human brain. The technique is totally non-invasive, safe, and pain-free. The patient simply puts on a set of specially made headphones with the sensor and transmitter and lies back to relax while the tests are performed.

The method is based on an analysis of the brain stem’s electromagnetic waves (similar to Oberon and Metatron) which contain a complete informational picture of the entire patient. The analyzer uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication and uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cell’s own signals.

Over 100,000 pulses representing areas on over 500 listed anatomical body parts are presented in a single 30-minute session through the sonic headphones.

The sonar frequencies are outside of the human hearing spectrum so the patient hears and feels nothing. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then returned to the computer and compared with an extensive database. The result is a presentation showing the condition of organs in the present as well as the past. There is also a report predicting organ state over the next 3-5 years.

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