200 Holes Capsules Filling Machine

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Made from high-quality PVC materials
Safe and efficiently designed
Portable and Lightweight

Product description
Why you should buy our 200-hole Capsule filling Machine?

Made of high-grade plastic for durability and reliability in use.
Designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Rounded corners can be found on the edges to eliminate any sharp endings in the machine.
Reduce wastage of material with efficient design.
This machine is applicable for small manufacturing and personal use.

Steps and Process:
Mount the alignment plate to the body plate.
Use a sufficient amount of capsule cover.
Shake the machine to make the capsule cover fill up every hole.
Pour the excess capsule cover.
Remove the alignment plate.
Stack the notched side of the intermediate plate on the cover.
Place the alignment tray on the cap plate.
Take an appropriate amount of capsule body and shake it to make the capsule mouth fall into the hole of the cap plate.
Take out the excess capsule body and remove the alignment plate.
Pour the powder onto the body panel and scrape it back and forth with a spatula.
Flip the middle plate and put it on top of the body panel.
Press firmly with both hands to lock the capsule.
Remove the cap plate.
Remove the middle plate, at which point the filled capsule is on the middle plate.
Gently touch the middle plate to remove the capsule.
Use glass or plastic bottles to finish the packaging of the capsules

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