Thermometer Gun

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ACCURATE FAST READING – Thermometer reads results within 1 second and has an accuracy rating over 95%. Can be read in Celsius and Fahrenheit
EASY TO READ TEMPERATURE – Large Back lit Display with 3 Colors Green, Orange and Red for Temperatures low to High
NON CONTACT READING – Easily take safe temperatures from a secure distance using the touch free infrared laser thermometer gun
SURFACE THERMOMETER – Take temperatures of both body and surfaces like food, counters, drinks and more to insure safety.

Product Description
Non Contact Body, Surface and Ambient Infrared Thermometer QY-EWQ-01
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The new Infrared Thermometer gives you accurate and fact measurements with multi modes to measure Body, Surface and Ambient Temperatures.

Take advantage of fast measurements with memory that stores upto 20 past readings. Ideal for Offices, Warehouses, Public Space, Home as well as Personal uses.

Help keep everyone close to you safe.

Features and Functionalities
Power Saving Mode
Memory of upto 20 Readings
Fast reading within a second
Fever Alert
Multi Modes
Use it to Body, Surface and Ambient Temperatures with multi mode settings which can give you readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Ideal Uses
Offices, Warehouses, Public Space, Home, Personal

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