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5 MASSAGE MODES & 3 VIBRATION SPEEDS – This Vibrating Seat Massager Cushion features Ten (10) nodes that vibrate your back and thighs to help release stress, tension and promote blood circulation. 5 Massage Modes and 3 Speeds for you to choose to meet your individual needs.
WIRED REMOTE & OPTIONAL HEAT FUNCTION – Each vibration position can be controlled ON/OFF independently. The heat can be independently turned on or off ( just warm, not hot ). It allows heat to be used with or without massage.
10 VIBRATING NODES FOR PIN POINT RELAXATION – 10 built-in nodes target specific spots on the upper and lower back and thighs, combining all these spots in a simultaneous, all-inclusive five-star massage leaving you in a totally relaxed state.
CONVENIENT & PORTABLE – Simply fix the straps and plastic hook onto your office chair, seat, home chair, etc. Keeping the massager firmly in place. When massage session is completed, simply fold it away in storage. Can be used in office, home sofa or bed.

Product description
★This is NOT a Shiatsu kneading massager. Do not buy this product if you are looking for a Shiatsu or kneading massager with rolling balls.
★This is a vibration massager only, no rolling balls.

Key Features and specifications:
★Microprocessor controlled.
★Vibration massage cushion for the shoulder, back, waist, hip and thighs.
★Hand control unit.
★Soothing heat for the lower back area.
-Note: The heat can be independently turned on or off.
-This allows heat to be used with or without massage. Similarly, the massage function can be on with or without heat.
-It takes a little time for the heat to heat up through the fabric. If you need heat, you can turn on the heat button in advance.
★3 vibrating massage speeds.
★5 Massage Modes,different ways of varying the speeds, changing the zones, fading in and out.
★4 selective massage points: upper back/shoulder; lower/waist back, waist/buttock,hip/ thighs.
-You can select one program or let it cycle through all programs.
★Portable for home/office.
★Shut down in 15 minutes.

★Product Size: 43″ x 19″ x 2″.
★Product Weight: 2.2Pounds.

Included in the package:
1 x massage cushion
2 x Adapters.
1 x instruction manual

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