Power AB Workout Wheel

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  • Power stretch Ab Roller Wheel the roller slide provides one of the very best exercises to strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms, back, and upper body development
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg / 220lbs Assembled dimension: 24*16*16CM High Quality Product
  • Easy to assemble, our Ab Wheel Roller is suitable for traveling and manufactured from lightweight durable materials for easy carrying in bags or luggage
  • AB Power Stretch Roller includes a soft knee pad, protecting your knees from pain and grinding when working out on hard or wooden floors or on carpets at home or at the gym
  • Included In Box: – 1 Power Roller & Knee Pad Free & instruction manual.


Power stretch Ab Roller Wheel The roller slide provides one of the very best exercises for the midsection.

Main features: Power stretch roller for ABS.

1. AB wheel

2. Maximum User Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs.

3. Assembled dimension: 24*16*16 CM

Exercise step: Hold one hand on each handle. Pull in your stomach muscles and arch your back.

Inhale before beginning and slowly roll out the machine,

Meanwhile allowing your torso to open up don’t just push your arms out. Take your torso from a curled position to an extended, uncurled position. When you’ve stretched out your torso as much as ID comfortable, slowly begin rolling the machine back toward your knees, emphasizing the re-curling of your torso, and exhaling.


The roller slide provides one of the very best exercises for the midsection, it allows the abdominal to be isolated, causing an effective extension and contraction of the AB muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. In The Box kneeling pad & power stretch roller.

Full Body Workout – Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. With affordable and convenient home fitness equipment, you can get the same benefit as going to the gym. And it can also help you build muscle, burn fat, improve overall posture and decrease your risk of muscular injury.

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