Okenys Female Massage Fluid

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Unique formula
short climax time
Increase sensitivity
Inspire the joyful element
Increase couple interaction

Combined with the characteristics of women’s skin and maintenance needs, contains a variety of plant extracts, smooth skin, maintain a fine and moisturizing young state, bid farewell to dryness.
How to use: This product can be used on the whole body. Take a proper amount and gently massage until absorbed by the abdomen.
Note: For external use, please discontinue use if there is any discomfort during use.
This product is a female external gel,the charactheristic.
It is crystal clear,smooth and Skin-friendly, non-greasy,easy to clean, nourishing and lubricating.
It can be used to lubricate the skin Relieve dryness and relieve discomfort caused by friction.

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