lipo laser slimming cavitation rf 6 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation vacuum beauty machine

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Unlike conventional liposuction, the idea of noninvasive laser lipo is not to remove fat cells, but to shrink them.
During each session of i-Lipo—the brand of laser-lipo device Advanced Laser Body Care uses—a technician places pads equipped with
laser diodes directly onto the skin. The laser energy penetrates down to the fat cells and creates tiny holes in their membranes.
This causes the fat cells to release their stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water into the body and then shrink, potentially
resulting in lost inches. The body then flushes out the expelled fat-cell contents via the lymphatic system or burns them for
“Think of your fat cells as groups of juicy grapes,” Doctor says. “The laser beam reaches the fat cell and shrinks the contents, and those grapes become raisins.”


Lipolaser Instruction
Lipolaser,also knows as soft laser,cold laser or low level laser therapy,uses red light 650nm laser energy to penetrate the
skin,when the fat cells are simulated,the cell membrane will create the pores to release fatty acids and glycerol.Feedback
shows,with exercise or the infrared therapy,the fat cells will be burnt or drained by the lymph circulation.

Lipolaser Results
One year real treatment on the market shows lipolaser has achieved comparable results by liposuction, 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment.Additional treatments improve results further. Immediate results can be seen after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Feed back shows lipolaser has been successful to reduce 4 cm after just one treatment,some get better 6-8 cm,the best one is 12 cm fat reduction.
Lipolaser Applications
v Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat
v Excess fat cell melted
v Body slimming, cellulite reduction
v Smooth fatigue
v Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
v Promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism40K Cavitation Ultrasonic
Ultrasound cavitation strong vibration produced by the low frequency ultrasound, which effectively dissolves stubborn cellulite.
Besides, due to strong vibration, thermal effect of low ultrasound frequency will be absorbed by subcutaneous tissues and
converted into heat. The heat will increase cellulite temperature and gradually dissolved deep fat into liquid state, and finally except from the body via lymphatic metabolism.

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