Hydrating Treatment Facial Multifunction Beauty Personal Care Device

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Bubble pen: Using water replacement and low pressure principle and hydrodynamic circulation system, it can directly clean the attachment on the inner wall of the pores, and at the same time, add a lot of water and oxygen to the skin, so that the skin is fresh and transparent

V face molding head: the use of biomimetic electric effect will increase the gravitational effect between cells, tighten muscles and cells, accelerate movement, the movement of fat cells will liquefy and break down the fat in the cells, and pass the toxins and excess acid and alkali water. The lymphatic vessels are excreted in vitro, restoring the tension of muscles and cells, thereby improving the V face, sculpting the face shape, and opening the water protein channel to improve the water transport efficiency

Ultrasonic introduction head: The continuous output of ultrasonic wave can have perfect penetration and introduction ability to the skin, which can atomize and decompose the product, accelerate the molecular absorption rate, provide energy for the cell tissue, activate the aging cells, improve the metabolism ability, and make the facial skin Smooth and full, clean and translucent

Hot and cold head: By alternating the temperature of hot and cold, let the nutrient penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, supplement the nutrition and water, and the skin cooling energy can quickly relieve the damaged skin by transforming, and it can be used to soothe the redness and swelling. Calm and stimulate the skin, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects

Oxygen injection gun: combined with product liquid, pure water, normal saline, toner, the product can quickly absorb the skin with high-efficiency spray force to strengthen the hydration


Water Elemental is a non-invasive, non-surgical skin management system that creates beautiful and elastic skin. It is not only enables the simplest skin care items, but also cleans the skin, improves skin texture, moisturizes and provides operation for laser treatment before cleaning, you can also calm down after the operation and speed up the repair process to better solve the skin problem and achieve multiple effects

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