High Specs Massage chair

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  • This is a complete automatic massaging chair for therapy and relaxation.
  • It far advanced
  • 3 STAGE ZERO GRAVITY POSITIONS -You can recline from 115° to 160° to your perfect zero gravity positions ** 7 AUTO PROGRAMS & FULL MANUAL MASSAGE CONTROL -Built-in 7 auto programs including stretch functions are suitable for most but you can also choose manual massage functions to control your own message. You can also target specific areas of your back for concentrated massages ** ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER AIR BAGS HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Shoulder Airbags can be raised according to your height
  • AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM (42 Total Air Bags) with HEAT THERAPY – Air massage system for your located in the arms, shoulder, calves, and feet. Combined with the heat therapy system, your muscles and joints will recover faster with increased blood circulation and less pain and aches ** ENHANCED FOOT ROLLER – It rolls forward and backward to sooth your sole and heel ** 3 LEVEL INTENSITY/SPEED CONTROL – You can adjust the intensity of air pressure and speed of back massages manually
  • ONE HAND BACK-LIT REMOTE CONTROLLER – With back-lit buttons & small size, you can easily control your massage in total darkness ** 30 MINUTE TIMER – You can enjoy uninterrupted massages for up to 30 minutes ** FOOTREST EXTENSION – Footrest can be extended 6″ for taller users ** SLEEP MODE ACTIVATED – At the end of the massage session, the chair remains in reclined or zero gravity position so if you fall asleep during your massage, you will not be interrupted after a massage session is completed
  • BUILD & QUALITY – From carefully selected components to the craftsmanship of our technicians, this chair is built to last. 

Suitable Height Range

This product fits people of height range from 5.2 feet to 6.3 feet, footrests extended for the taller.

Smart Control

The package comes with a smart remote that has an advanced high definition VFD display screen, easy to understand.

Foot Massage

It enables both roller and airbag massage to your foot, relieving foot tension and pain.

Easy to move

It has two back wheels which allow easy movement.

Back heating

The built-in waist heater promotes blood circulation.

Targeting People

This product is targeted to people with body pain problems providing relief to body pain, muscle tension, and soreness for sub-health people.

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