Dolphin massager

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  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Muscles that are tired, overused or otherwise sore are able to relax and soften through the massage.
  • Pain and Stiffness Relief: The full body massage may release endorphins, which act as a pain reliever.
  • Increased Circulation: Massage can increase circulation by assisting oxygen and nutrients to reach tissues and organs.
  • Relieves Lower Back Pain and Tension from Upper Back.
  • Comes with three Attachments and color may vary as per availability.
  • Unique dolpin shape design looks very fashionable Anti-slip handle streamlined appearance and portability Multifunctional massager features with vibration fuction 2 infraded massage head to fit in with different parts of the body
  • Dolphin Style Can Massage Every Part of our Body easily. Relaxes Muscles from tiredness and the Pain of Nerve.
  • Infrared Ray, Magnetic Therapy & Hammering Massage Beautiful Design Red and White Colour. Easy to use.
  • The long anti-slip handle design makes the massager easy to hold it and easily to reach the different body parts that you want to massage. The percussion frequency of the hand held deep tissue massager reaches 3800 times per minute with the built-in powerful motor. ABS with frosted design makes the massagers a perfect gift.
  • Helps relieve tired aching muscles, sprains, strains, lower back pain, and neck strain Easily reaches the places you just cant get to Improve circulation and revive tired bodies – anywhere anytime. To easily massage any part of the body. The massage strength is strong as well as tender and can reach any affected area. Relax tight muscles after exercise.
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