Apollo Syrup the miracle drink

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  • Aloe Vera( Aloebarbadensis)
  • Grapes (Vitis Vinifera)
  • Rasayan Churna (Shatrok)
  • Brahmi (Centella Asiatica)
  • Vidang (Embelia Ribes)
  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)
  • Trikatu
  • Amalaki / Amla (Emblica Officinalis).

Healthy Life Apollo Syrup is derived from the Fruit called Noni
( Superfood ) of the Morinda Citrifolia tree, indigenous to Tahitian Islands, Asia, Australia, South America, Caribbean, Fiji,
– Nourished with more than 200 nutrients
– Being studied in more than 45 universities, worldwide
– Recommended by doctors throughout the world


Alkalizes Your Body
Removes Toxins
Supports Your Immune System
Drink Aloe Vera Juice to Lose Weight
Lowers High Cholesterol
Fights Against Inflammation
Improves Digestive Tract & Reduces Its Irritation
Bye-Bye Constipation!
Boosts Your Vitamin & Mineral Intake
Hydrates Your Body
Cures Your Gums
Reduces Acne & Blemishes
Improves Hair Growth
10 Health Benefits of Grapes
Power Up Your Weight Loss
Protect Your Heart
Mop Up Brain Damaging Plaques
Improve Brain Power
Protect Your Skin from Cancer
Protect Your Body from Radiation
Turn On Your Longevity Gene
Fight Diabetes
Turn Down Inflammation
Supports Muscle Recovery

It Opens and clarify the mind.
Strengthen memory & intellect.
Support focus & concentration.
Encourage a balanced emotional state.
Promote daytime energy & nighttime sleep.
Support healthy blood cells.
Promote healthy skin & hair.

Health Benefits of Vidanga ( Embelia Ribes)
Embelia root bark is acrid, astringent, anthelmintic, antifertility, antiestrogenic, carminative, digestive, laxative, soothing, stimulant, stomachic, and thermogenic.

It is used in treating intestinal parasites and worms, abdominal disorders, skin fungal infections, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, headache, hemorrhoids, lung diseases, obesity, piles, pneumonia, mouth ulcers, toothache, and sore throat. Its decoction is useful in insanity and heart diseases.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera)
healing effects of Ashwagandha are:
Protects the immune system
Helps combat the effects of stress
Improves learning, memory, and reaction time
Reduces anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness
Helps reduce brain-cell degeneration
Stabilizes blood sugar
Helps lower cholesterol
Offers anti-inflammatory benefits
Contains anti-malarial properties
Enhances sexual potency for both men and women

Health Benefits of Aal (Noni) Morinda citrifolia

Noni has traditionally been used for colds, flu, diabetes, anxiety, and high blood pressure, as well as for depression and anxiety. All plant parts are used for a variety of illnesses in Samoan culture, and noni is one of the most frequently used Hawaiian plant medicines.

Claims that have not been proven in clinical trials include the use of bark for the treatment of bacterial infections, cough, diarrhea in infants, and stomach ailments; the flowers for sore or irritated eyes, styes, conjunctivitis, ocular inflammation, and coughs; the fruit for asthma, wounds, broken bones, mouth and throat infections, tuberculosis, worms, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, eye ailments, arthritis, depression, seizures, bacterial and fungal infections, viruses, and as a tonic; the fresh fruit juice for cancer; the dried leaves used externally for infections, burns, children’s chest colds, and inflammation, and internally for boils, pleurisy, inflamed gums, and arthritic pain; the fresh leaves used externally for burns and internally for fevers, hemorrhage, bacterial infections, and inflammation; and the roots for oral ulcerations, fevers, and cancerous swellings.
Apollo Syrup has been studied in 45 Universities in the World. The Compound in Apollo Syrup kills 92% of BREAST CANCER cells in Vitro. Damnacanthal, a compound found in the fruit and roots of Apollo Syrup was shown to kill 92% of human breast cancer cells. Apollo Syrup has an ORAC value of 450,00
Blood pressure
Muscle Pain
Heart Disease
Hiv- Aids
Breast Cancer
92% Stomach Pain
Immune Booster
Weak Digestive System
Blood Circulation
Skin Problem
Respiratory Infection
Provides Energy in Old Age
Stomach Ulcer
Gastric Ulcer

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