Adjustable counting grip

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  • HEAVY HAND GRIP EXERCISER WITH COUNTER: UDKI hand grip strengthener aims for training hand, fingers, forearm strength. Through squeeze the handgrip to restore or strengthen the finger strength & muscle motility. The smart counter to the bottom let you can clearly see the training results each time, convenient for you to follow your finger training plans. Also the counter can let you clearly see the improvement of different phases, tracking your training plan.
  • RESISTANCE HAND GRIP: From beginner to professionals, this hand grip strengthener is suitable for beginners or advanced trainer, meeting your long term training plan or aims in phases, the strength can be adjusted to satisfy different training plans. Through the knob, you can easily adjust the resistance to fit your needs.
  • FINE MADE: Expertly crafted using alloy steel construction grip strength trainer, this Finger Grip Set will serve you well throughout the years. The handles come with comfortable texture, comfortable to hold, improve the training performance.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN: Convenient to carry or put it in your fitness bag. Even though you don’t have time for gym, you can take the hand grip to office, no matter in home, office, you can do hand strength training.
  • MUST HAVE FOR DAILY EXERCISER: Suitable for fitness people, people with need of finger or arm rehabilitation training. Through continuous grasping and other actions to enhance the flexibility of the fingers, promote the blood circulation of the arm, reduce the occurrence of arm numbness, and use the grip device, but also enhance the patient’s heart contraction ability.
  • Product Specifications: 1 Adustable Counting Grip Strengthener with dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 2.5cm, Available in dual color assorted
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