9th Gen Quantum Analyzer

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  • Determines the current health of organs and predicts their well-being for the future. Help to uncover the onset of major diseases, which can assist in early treatment and maintenance. Provides complete and full health reports, explained in a practical, simple, and inexpensive way. Offers health results quickly, respects clients’ confidentiality with features that are easy and simple to utilize.
  • NO SOFTWARE CD: The operating system of this Quantum Analyzer is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, and Windows 7, 8, and 10. New ARG AROGYA Body Analyzer uses USB Pen Drive to install the software, instead of a CD which was used in older machines. No CD ROM is required to install the software.
  • The scientific inspection system database is professional and accurate; it can check multiple body indexes in a few minutes. Our quantum instrument can make a comprehensive examination of humans. After the test reports can be obtained.
  • 9G FULL BODY ANALYZER PALM: ARG Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analyzer 9th generation will provide you with 52 different reports, simply by placing your palm on the machine. When our health is not in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms.
  • This device will simply detect your suboptimal health so that you can start taking steps towards fixing it. The accuracy rate of this product can reach up to 90%. The analysis will tell you the condition of your health in just one minute. Features the latest software and hassle-free software installation.

QUANTUM BODY ANALYZER is highly acclaimed by the clients for a complete analysis of the body organs in accordance with the height and other parameters. Theoretically, based on medicine, this health device utilizes advanced electronic equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis. Then on the basis of this analysis, the tester can get the health status of the tested person and make a diagnosis.

Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer device is extensively used in a beauty salon, spa clubs, clinics, health examination centers, health care products shops, direct selling (for the health products distributor), massage centers, health centers, etc. it can also be used for promoting health food and nutritional supplement, etc. family use is also recommended.
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